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Mar 21, 2020 | Lifestyle


We got a brand new blog category for you! In #MeetZantos we’re talking with people, that work for Zantos, about who they are, what they do and what inspires them most. We’re kicking off with the founder and CEO of Zantos, Ernst Jan Zantingh. Enjoy!

When did you founded Zantos?

‘’I founded Zantos in 2000. I went to an interior design school in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During my internships I got to meet several famous and very successful, Dutch interior designers. I’ve worked with Jan des Bouvrie for eight years.

After those eight years, I decided to start my own business in interior and exterior design. And there was Zantos Interiors & Exteriors – by Ernst Jan Zantingh.’’

How did you start? And what was your focus back then?

‘’I started to get clients in The Netherlands, which was great. But I also saw an opportunity in the ‘’second home’’ industry. My focus was to bring ‘’The Dutch Touch’’ to other countries and it worked. By visiting multiple second-home-fairs I was able to get my first clients in Spain, France and Switzerland.’’

What is ‘’Dutch Touch’’ for you?

“For me Dutch Touch is all about playing with colours, keeping it simple and functional.

Dutch interior designers are famous for their way of work; we’re always up-to-date about the latest trends and technologies in our industry. We do our utmost best to respect the deadline and we do as we say.’’

What’s your vision for interior design?

‘’Back in the days, everybody chose basic colours for their interior. Now a days, we see a lot of colour in- and outside people’s houses. They all want to glam-up their interior with colours like bronze and copper. In the end, we’ll see that the basic colours and tones will come back. Because that’s it with fashion and interior. It’s hot and happening, then we’ll see it fade away and within a few years, it comes back again.’’

”We always choose the colours and trendy accessory together with the owners, because it’s very important that they feel home in their villa, apartment or office.”

‘’My vision for interior design is to choose a basic colour to start with, because it’s timeless and you won’t be bored by it very soon. Then, choose the right accessory, include personal items into your interior too. For example, the old clock of your grandfather or pictures of your lovely family. If you want to create a different vibe in your house or office, adjust it with the right accessory. We always choose the colours and trendy accessory together with the owners, because it’s very important that they feel home in their villa, apartment or office.’’

What do you like most about your work?

‘’I like bringing people’s dreams come to life. Because you’re working on someone’s home or office, you get to know your clients very well. I try to understand what they really mean, not just what they say. And bringing that together in a wonderful and cosy house or an inspiring office, is worth everything!’’

What’s your favourite Zantos project?

‘’Of course building and designing my own house in Montauroux is my favourite project of all times. I’ve been through a lot whilst building and designing my own house, but it was all worth it. In the end, my clients want to work with me because they really like my house. One of my clients said, ‘’please bring Montauroux to Valbonne!’’ and so we did. I guess we did some great work there.’’

What’s your dream for Zantos?

‘’My dream has partly come to reality a few months ago, because one of my sons is working with me in the company. It’s really nice that we are able to share these moments, lessons and time with each other. I learn from my three sons and they learn from me, that’s a great opportunity for a father.

Another dream for Zantos would be, to do more with office interior design, building and renovations. I also like to make new ‘’Zantos Apartments and Villas’’ in the nearby future. Or, create another awesome boutique hotel in the French Riviera. I’d like to say, never stop dreaming, because when you’ve reached your goal, there’s another one waiting for you!’’

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