Meet Zantos: Duncan Zantingh

Apr 10, 2020 | Lifestyle


In our blog category #MeetZantos we’re talking with people who work for Zantos, about who they are, what they do and what inspires them most. Today, an interview with Duncan Zantingh – one of the Zantos specialists.

Duncan is one of the three sons of Ernst Jan. He always looked up to his dad and now he’s joining forces with him.

What’s your role within Zantos?

”My role within Zantos is ”being my fathers right hand’’. Working with him is fantastic, he learns me the tricks of the trade. From being an entrepreneur to talking with clients and constructors.

I’m involved with everything my father does for the company. I’m learning a lot and really enjoy spending time with him.”

How did you start?

”Three years ago when I finished school I started working for my father, but after a year I figured out that I  needed more knowledge about the constructor industry. Back then, I wasn’t confident enough to take the lead and managing other people.

I decided to go work for another company, they gave me the opportunity to do a study and work in the meantime. That was exactly what I needed, so I did. I really enjoyed working there and learning a lot. After two years I decided it was time for my next step.

I founded my own company so that I can work and learn from my dad and at the same time have my own clients and projects. I work as a contractor for Zantos – but it really feels like we’re a team.”

What’s your expertise?

”The things I like most about my work is being creative and entrepreneurial. I like the building part of my job as much as getting in touch with clients.”

What do you like most about working with Zantos?

”I like working with my father and learning the tricks of the trade from him. I also like being an entrepreneur and being creative.”

What’s your favourite Zantos Project?

”My favourite Zantos project is our project in La Colle Sur Loup. We’ve reconstruced the beautiful, old house into an even more beautiful house. We’ve delivered really good work there and I really liked the contact with our client.

The second project we’re doing for this client is building a cosy townhouse and finishing up the driveway.”

What’s your dream for Zantos?

”My dream for myself, my father and for Zantos would be to focus more on our own projects and get involed in the real estate market. It would be a real dream to buy a house or appartement, renovate it the way we like it and rent it out or sell it. That’s my ultimate goal.”

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