In our blog category #MeetZantos, we’re talking with people who work for Zantos. From who they are, to what they do, what we would love to know is what inspires them most. Today, an interview with our Architect, André van der Marel.

How did you get in touch with Zantos?

”I met Ernst Jan via a LinkedIn connection, about 6 years ago. I’m an architect for the Villasophie Agency and came in contact with Ernst Jan. We have the same vision for design, there’s an overlap in our vision of life and that’s why we quickly clicked.”

What is it like working with Zantos?

”We can help each other out, we complement each other well without getting in each other’s way. Of course, sometimes we have our own opinions for designs, but we respect each other and discussions never last longer than a few seconds. Because of our critical view, we can deliver the most wonderful projects. We assure our clients to deliver the best possible work.”

What did you do with Zantos?

”We’ve successfully accomplished several projects together. Clients are always happy and we thrive to make it even more beautiful than they expect. As far as I’m concerned, we’re going to continue this way of work for a very long time! 

I have really liked doing several projects on the French Riviera. But, it’s not always easy. Because of the regulations it can be difficult, as they’re very strict. It comes down to consulting with the right people, that’ll save a lot of hassle. The rules can be interpreted from time to time and it’s nice if you have the trust of the authorities.”

What do you think about your collaboration with Zantos?

”It’s really nice to work with Zantos. I like that we’re both Dutch, because we can talk straight and understand each other perfectly. It’s nice to evaluate our projects, we both learn so much from each other and by evaluating, you can avoid mistakes in the future and become better and better.”

”We’ve had a great time during our many projects, and I hope we can continue working together for a long time. Besides the work, we’ve had spare time to enjoy each other’s company and those memories are forever in my heart.” – André

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