Interior Design – 3 principles of the Red Line

Oct 29, 2018 | Interiors

Harmony, functionality and personal style are the 3 principles of the Red Line philosophy that my interior/exterior design company ZANTOS is based on. I have been using this philosophy as long as I can remember in my career and truthfully I’m not sure where I got it from!

The red line represents a direction of flow where every element in the room such as colours, patterns, materials and furnishings are respected much like the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. Throughout the years I have found that these 3 principles lead to a balanced environment giving a sense of well being, so much so that I apply it to my personal life.

In the dictionary Harmony is defined as a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.

This type of cohesiveness allows the intended feeling of the ambiance to be present, and for my work, represents the essence of how my clients want to feel in their personal space.
If the space is correctly aligned with their intended feeling, then the sense of well being and comfort is achieved.

Functionality is defined as having or serving a utilitarian purpose; capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed. Modern comforts of daily living are essential because these are the elements that make our lives easier. Whether it is a home automation system or a professional style kitchen, these aspects are what gives ease to daily living and certainly make it more comfortable.

Personal style is an elusive concept which most people attribute to the clothes they wear and fashion trends. However, true personal style goes further than just the clothes you choose to wear.

On the exterior, personal style extends to your home environment both inside and outside, the car you choose to drive, the activities you choose, etc. Internally it’s derived from our values, the understanding of ourselves and our perceived context of the world we live in.

Simply, it is our authentic self-expression.

So when my clients tell me the details of what they like or desire for their home, they are in essence telling me the reflection of their self expression for which I translate that into a coherent ambiance.

The concept of the red line is one that simplifies our life yet stands rich in purpose for every element has personal meaning.


What is your red line?

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