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Feb 22, 2018 | Exteriors, Fresh ideas, Interiors

House or apartment purchase is a serious step in our life. But once the deal is made, documents signed and keys passed to the new happy owner the questions rise automatically – What to do with this new property? How to refurbish it? How to plan carefully every square meter in order to increase its living space without cutting important storage areas and interfering technical zones?

Not being specialist in this question we start sometimes to plan everything by our- selves putting all our passion and creativity. The result is not slow to arrive – we do not feel quite comfortable in the house and regret not having made some other strategic decisions. It gets much easier and successful when we trust planning our living space to professionals. ZANTOS ‘by Ernst Jan Zantingh’ is an international company based in the south of France and the Netherlands which focuses on renovation, decoration and delivery of furniture for villa’s, apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants and yachts. The company is founded and run personally by Mr Ernst Jan Zantingh, who has 20 years of experience in building management, design and delivery of furniture. He supervises and controls every project to make sure that everything from interior and exterior design to complete furnishing is done with the highest quality and within customer’s budget. More than that, together with customer Mr Zantingh and his partners create a design in which interior and exterior come together in harmony. The services of ZANTOS are usually a turnkey solution including delivery of custom made furniture, curtains, lighting and accessories.

Apart from planning and designing the living space here are some other main business lines of ZANTOS Interior & Exterior VILLAS AND APPARTMENTS RESTYLE We often forget that when refurbishing our house it is important not to throw away all the furniture and buy everything new. Even with the use of the existing items and pieces of decor experienced professionals manage to create an unique ambiance in the apartment, find a favourable combination of old and new pieces. Plus they know how to add new colours and stylish accessories that make a lot of difference.

OFFICES ZANTOS Interior & Exteriors has had the opportunity to advise many renowned companies on the interior design of their buildings based on the budget mentioned by the customer. Here the wellbeing of employer and employees is the main concern. ZANTOS Interior & Exterior keeps the objectives of the company in mind and as a result of this they provide a pleasant and efficient interior. HOTELS & RESTAURANTS Hotels, restaurants and café interiors require knowledge and experience, because a good atmosphere may not interfere with work efficiency or the other way around. Use of material and colour are decisive! ZANTOS’ knowledge and experience in this field is abundant. In these interiors they only work with certified suppliers and pay tremendous attention to the durability and fire resistance of materials. Technically, the collaboration with ZANTOS Interior & Exterior contents the following steps:

  • An interview with the client – to meet and to learn the wishes from the client
  • A sketch with the plan how to pose the kitchen, the bathroom, the furniture, etc.
  • A 3D visual of the property
  • A presentation to the client

In case a client decides to continue working with ZANTOS Interior & Exterior on the project, flexible systems of discount schemes and price reduction can take place. So everything is done by ZANTOS Interior & Exterior to make the customer feel at home, because indeed, ‘there is no place like home’.

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