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Jan 21, 2020 | Fresh ideas

While Paris was preparing for its marquis interior design show Maison et Objet, I decided to break my new year design industry tradition by journeying to the Imm International Furniture and Interiors Fair in Colgone.

While not as expansive as its French trade fair counterpart, I was instantly impressed the moment I walked into the exhibition hall.

The quality of the products, the designs, the colors and textures all spoke volumes about the design industry and its progressive move to continue with pushing boundaries, bolder attempts in conveying comfort and most of all, redefining the appeal of style in a modern minded world.

Luxurious Sleep


One of the most eye catching products was bedding design by Altrenotti (see image).

Comfort is king for Alrenotti with their innovative concept Biorest® where the “bed is no longer only ‘your mattress’ but it’s also your bed base, your headboard, your linen…your bed!”.

As a designer I am a big fan of total concept approaches, and this one is a luxurious winner!

Curved Comfort for 2020


Lineteloo’s Park Avenue curvilinear sofa

Presenting their nouveaute for 2020, Lineteloo’s Park Avenue curvilinear sofa offers the cosmopolitan “good life” style that Dutch Jan te Lineteloo’s designers are renown for. As comfort marries style, the sofa’s sliding system is adaptable to lean back or upright depending on your mood.

And even though I am a dualist at heart in my interior designs , the charm of curved sofas are very warm and inviting, intimate for conversations and do add a dimension of flow to the space.

Indoor Outdoor Transitions

A big trend and certainly an enjoyable one is the outdoor lounge trend reflecting modern outdoor lifestyles. More furniture designers are transitioning their indoor concepts outside with their signature indoor appeal.


Debuting their new outdoor lounge line, Cassina offered their free-spirited contemporary elegance with a new outdoor collection The Cassina Perspective Goes Outdoor.

A wink to natural influence with the laid back elegance of their Fenc-e-Nature collection by Philipe Starck.


Sunsit an international outdoor furniture company with their Suns brand continues its outstanding form and function designs for outdoor living.


Weaving a no-nonsense vibe MAX & LUUK offers up more of their sublime designs that carry with them sublime seating comfort with powerful flowey lines.

Pushing the creative envelope

You can always be sure that in any furniture trade fair there will always be that one brand to push the creative artistic envelope even further. Edra is in the house!

Crafted Texture


Lovely handcrafted textured rugs from Dutch rug designer Perletta , the colours, hues, tones and patterns, all very authentic with many new options for custom designs.

Textured Walls

Very impressive is the degree of transformation that wall coverings have undergone through the years. What once was a reminiscent faddy trend from the 60’s and 70’s has now undergone a rebirth with modern technology.

Arte’s textured wall covers had me instantly impressed and re-inspired with the incredible selection of patterns, textures and purely artistic designs. A definite Insta follow @artewalls!

One Place To Be

Imm proved to be a fantastic trade fair, with many Dutch suppliers present as well as other European design brands, and for me it was the 2020 design industry One Place to Be!

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