Interior Design – 3 principles of the Red Line

Harmony, functionality and personal style are the 3 principles of the Red Line philosophy that my interior/exterior design company ZANTOS is based on. I have been using this philosophy as long as I can remember in my career and truthfully I'm not sure where I got it from! The red line represents a direction of flow where every element in the room such as colours, patterns, materials and furnishings are respected much like the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. Throughout the years I have found that these 3 principles lead to a balanced environment giving a sense of well being, so [...]

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Home Sweet Home

House or apartment purchase is a serious step in our life. But once the deal is made, documents signed and keys passed to the new happy owner the questions rise automatically - What to do with this new property? How to refurbish it? How to plan carefully every square meter in order to increase its living space without cutting important storage areas and interfering technical zones? Not being specialist in this question we start sometimes to plan everything by our- selves putting all our passion and creativity. The result is not slow to arrive - we do not feel quite comfortable [...]

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