“Together with you we will create a design in which the interior and exterior come together in harmony”. Ernst Jan Zantingh


ZANTOS was founded in 2000 by Ernst Jan Zantingh. With more than 20 years of experience in building management, design, furnishing and decoration. ZANTOS brings a unique sophistication to projects in Amsterdam, London, Dubai, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, and the French Riviera.

The company started out by designing large corporate offices before becoming an expert in the design and decoration of interiors and exteriors of residential projects as well.

What we do

ZANTOS is an international interior design company which designs beautiful spaces, from villas, apartments, offices, hotels to restaurants.

With a strong track record of delivering small to large-scale projects ZANTOS achieves stunning results time and time again. From home restyling to luxury yacht interior makeovers and new built projects for businesses and private clients.

How we do it

We work with an integral approach, all facets of construction from building management, interior and exterior design to decoration are expertly managed by the team. This allows ZANTOS to create unique designs with comfort and refinement for every client.

We create spaces by using only the best quality materials, warm and inviting neutral colours and materials to design spaces that last beautifully through time.

Originality is added by accenting with a colour theme through the furniture, textiles and decoration which can evolve and change with the seasons. The fluidity of colour and decoration visually connects spaces throughout the rooms and creates continuity, promoting a sense of serenity and comfort throughout the interior and exterior. This is  described as “The Red Line’ technique. We choose all of this based on what the client wants and then add the ‘ZANTOS touch’.

All designs are created based on the clients wishes. We work with a masterful attention to detail, from lighting to furnishing. In the end, the most important thing is that the client is perfectly happy with the results.

How we work

Many of our clients seek ‘turn-key’ delivery, therefore projects are taken right from concept to completion. Ernst Jan personally supervises all phases from beginning to end. The key steps of the process are:

First we begin by having a meeting. Initial meetings allow for a complete understanding of clients’ ideas, needs and budget. Preliminary contracts are established at this stage and flexible payment options are explored.

After the meeting we move on to the planning phase. A roadmap is created to achieve clients’ wishes within budget. By creating a plan and 3D images of the site and a detailed layout of the interior and exterior design (including the required building materials, furnishing, decoration considerations), a solid foundation on which to deliver each project is established.

Then, the plans are presented to the client for agreement, the final contract is sealed and the budget is agreed on. Construction begins shortly after, when detailed drawings are finalised. ZANTOS oversees and manages all project construction phases.

Finally, as we complete the project, all finishing touches are added in with the clients approval in order to deliver a space tailored to all needs.

Our partners

We work closely with business partners based on individual project requirements. We also develop strong working relationships with partners – from professional contractors, consultants, architects and landscape designers to building providers, and furniture and decoration suppliers.